Janeway's Diary

Written by: Ashley Petersen

bottle smashes against the side
all on board for the long ride

longer than we would have thought
but we shall fear naught

for we will always make it home
no matter how far we roam

all the way across the expanse
wherever the Caretaker transplants

us far away to another world
is where we were hurled

7 years is what it took
I finished more than one book

In all that time i thought of you
and what we would do

when I got back
my heart went black

you had left me
now it’s you and she

all my crew
had to pull threw

the years lasted forever
and yet i never

was unfaithful or cheated
now i’m getting really heated

when the ship was in the dock
i went for a little walk

and out the window what I saw
made me gasp in awe