Forever and at last


I am not letting you 
Get away with sabotage
Push me out, all you want
It's only a mirage. 

No problems to be found 
Betwixt you and I
I said I am yours
And I will never lie. 

Reason you have
For saying this wont work
I don't agree a bit
I have done the groundwork.

Drive a wedge between us
That ceases to exist
I'll never even see it
I will only persist.

The things you said
I have never heard
My heart was trembling 
My emotions had been stirred. 

We're you just scared 
That I would hurt you
Leaving inevitably
Walking out and through? 

The doors that were open 
Still are there for us
I won't even shut them
However ever long I must. 

Wounds inside 
Old battle scars
From a time that once failed
Our second chance is in the 

Lets take this adventure
And walk this path
Together as one
Forever and at last!