Nature's Daughter

Written by: ROHINI GUPTA


              Our world is vibrant, with the grace of lively water

              Which Nature has sent, as its versatile daughter

              For the sustenance of every life, on our planet Earth

              She exists in various forms, each of immense worth.

               Dominantly present , on the surface of our globe

              The waves in the ocean, representing her robe
              She shapes our land, as an accomplished potter

               Life moves on and on, with the agility of water

              Covering polar regions, the heights of mountains

              At times freezing lakes,  and even the fountains

              Smiling in the cold, while spreading a soft glow

              She maintains the planet cool, as ice and snow

              Brimming with energy, rising up as vapor and steam

              Drops back fresh, filling every ocean, lake and stream

              Effecting climate, rendering regions, cooler or hotter

              Life undergoes transformation, as the cycle of water