Where is my rainbow

Written by: Sukmawati Komala

Where is my rainbow

I am just a friend 
who always admired 
your colors

i am just one of your fans
who always read your 
amazing writes

what a colourful decoration 
with thousands lights

each time I saw my wall
there was always a new color
you shared

now you gone
stopped coloring 
stopped writing

said not only that 
even you brought 
all the colors gone with you 
all the words scratched

my rainbow 
as if I don't know any colors
gone away

how could i keep searching
my favorite rainbow
while only white and black
that you left

how could i keep chasing
your hands scratches

I only see

Nothing in this wall
left for me to read

~ (c) Sukmawati komala ~ 
08 March 2013

for my poet friend Mr. Allen Rhymaholic Wilbert