Written by: Dalila Agtani

Tell me dear, gently And please possibly Truly and fastly Mind and heart concurly Must make-up not routinely. If ever you change Tour mind and heart must dictate Not the cudgel of someone But if that’s the case To respect it shall commence. Perhaps loving me I finally realize Your vow is just a piece And never come true And be ever a ploy as false. Just like the past Nothing to hope than accept For what you did maybe just For I am you dealt The consequence is potent. To live by it is like a ghost That horrify and haunt Tomorrow is now the past But let it be my guide to shoot A waking star and again start. If I ever to compensate All your deeds I received Definitely, I may not be able Forever I’ll be indebted And can repay when there’s miracle.
composed by WGSD to DGA