PoNtS oF vIeW

Written by: david scott

Looking at the view from the window
Watching all the cars pass on buy
The street lamps give a distant glow
Now brienghting the darkened sky

Looking at the view from the outside
A whole completely different perspective
Especially when looking from the inside
Some things seem like their reflected

Looking at a view that's way out of focus
One asks what it is that I'm now seeing
Making up your own style of burnoculs
Though I'm told looks can be deceiving

And now I'm looking at a view from a far
from way up above, from a great height
I wonder to my self is it a shooting star
Though it dose seem quit out of sight

Now looking at a view from way over there
I suppose from that of an artists point of view
Like all around a blank canvas, stripped bare
Trying though to separate the old from new

A view from a completely different angle
Now that changes the whole dynamics
Different shapes, is it a square or triangle
I don't know so much about the physics

Iideas from others I wrote like sights and sounds
Idea came from seasons and ghost town poems I wrote 
probably makes no sense but like I said in my dys of colour poem
the way my thoughts are made WRITTEN BY MYSELF DAVIDSCOTT FEB MARCH 2013

wishing round in my head while think of other things at time maybe reedit in future
im still working on something else called rems