Failed & foiled...
Lost & defeated;
Much I toiled,
Only to be cheated!
Shattered & scattered...
Pounded like a stone;
Bruised & battered...
Just to be alone!
I have no destination,
Much like a wrecked-ship;
I seek solace in isolation
& not in the bosom of a relationship!
Leave me in my loneliness...
I am happy being disconnected;
My completion is in my emptiness...
In this feeling as if I am dead...
Let there be no worldly ties,
Neither a friend nor a kin;
Let there be no lust or lies...
As fed up I am with the deafening din.
My loss & my failure
Are my very own~true to me;
They never lie for false pleasure
& show me what I should see...
Much better than the ugly world,
Selfish & inhuman to the core...
That talks of freedom but is iron-walled
Akin to the promise of a whore...!!!