A Kiss Of Sunshine

Written by: Russell Sivey

The sunshine reaches down kissing the trees Bathing them in light, colors sure refines Leaves wave within the movement of the breeze Capturing motion, and the brilliant lines Trees glow with sunlight, a part of summer Beauty brings signals, a wondrous pure heart Trees surely kiss the sunshine of slumber Harmonious blessings put on each part Sunshine evolves placing rays of pure light Directly onto the free flowing trees Colors glow with extreme, wondrous delight Great sunlight performs pretty as you please Smoothly the sunlight wafts on into play Kissing all around this glorious place The surroundings lift the spirits that say Enlightenment is plain, want for a taste The trees all align with the source of light Follows the like of the illumine sense Bright and white, softly warms with all its might The sunshine that kissed is surely intense
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "A Kiss Of Sunshine" contest 3/6/2013