You lost

Written by: Nick Dylan

You lost!
You lose when the trigger pulled, slid to the floor (frozen grin)
And through the hole in the temple He revealed:
Even a couple of days, and you become happy
You could find your friends, your family, created
Drank half barrels of honey left in the astral
On a rainbow-arc, but you pulled the trigger!

And the dead tears for the dead cheeks
Now you endless trash
Tears for the dead are dead cheeks
And eternity swallowed your last strain.

You lost!
Muffled voice whispered that you are tired,
What a hopeless world completely got!
And the skull to pieces, but he died of boredom
For the fact that the stars were so close,
For the fact that he himself squeezed in a vice ...

On the canvas were only bloody smears!