How to write Great Poetry

Written by: Charles Clive

The house is quiet, the end of day, my wife and kids are far away. In spite of all, and come what might, I seize the chance to sit and write. I take my old and trusty pen, I’ve had it since I don’t know when, a fresh new page is put in place; it’s white and large, with empty space. To help the mind get up and go, to help aesthetic juices flow and help my humble prowess shine, I think I’ll take a glass of wine. So now it’s time to settle down and pen this verse of great renown; majestic words to fill the page, which echo down through time and age. But nothing comes, no lilting verse, no thoughts invade my universe; no inspiration comes to pass. Perhaps I’ll take another glass. Oh dear I seem a bit confused and stumble over words I used. So, quick, before the close of play, I take my pen and write away. Next morning comes, with bloodshot eyes, I strain to read my crafted prize with words well tuned and erudite. But what I see gives quite a fright: I dream of your bodily beaut, I find you so cuddly and cute. It’s oh, such a shame, I can’t play your game. You see, I’m ash pished ash a newt! ~
For Carol's Competition.