The Windmiller's Guest

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

The woman he has waited long to see has come to visit him at last! She rests against the rail as he stands nervously and keeps his gaze from going to her breasts. Her modest dress cannot hide from the gent the maid’s allure! He wishes he could still his pounding heart. Oh, she is heaven sent! To see her in his own world is a thrill. For here she now stands, where he often stood and looked out to the valley where she dwelt. He breathes spring air, and everything is good. Such joy before this time he’d never felt! The young man and fair maiden chat a while, but hardly does he hear her words because he only sees her mesmerizing smile, her eyes, her skin. . . He’s blind to any flaws! Night’s shadows soon will fall. He reads her eyes and knows that she, like he, can feel the heat between them, and before they part, she’ll sigh - the moment when he'lll taste two lips so sweet. *See the picture that inspired this poem on Isaiah Zerbst Contest page