Stepping Over Stones

Written by: Caleb Smith

I was underneath the bridge
Stepping over stones
Wanting to contemplate my contrived animation
The doubt which I kept as a token of individuality
Was merely wishful thinking
And the river's muddy wash seemed to mimic my uncertainty
I tried to dabble my feet
In the murky rise
But found myself swimming
Against a current I thought would never take me...and I drank
To keep from drowning
Until all was dry
And I was left laying in a cracked river bed
I looked into the cracks and saw the gaps
Of my own integrity...and remembered the waters
The flood of my pride that I had meant to cover them with
And I wept
Until the shame of my tears was less
Than the shame of my shortcomings
And then watched the cracks in my integrity
Be sealed with salty pain
And I stood...beautifully broken
To climb the far bank leading to the inerrant truth of my character
Laying bricks
One by one along the way
With nothing to span the distance between regret and apathy
Save a mist of memory
Reminders of why I'll never turn back
I was underneath the bridge
Stepping over stones