Ideaological War of the Worlds

Written by: S.K. Y.

 The coming times can unfold,
far accross to all lands,
the casting shadow has fallen,
with it's far reaching hands,
accross our four cornered world,,
 Humanity progressed to progressive sufferage,
that comes with many names,
the ideaology won without a shot,
convinced populations into guilted shame,
lost are voices of courage,,
 Dependent we all become, parasitically,
even forced fed into submission,
by governmental state so enlarged,
numbered you are by institution,
nothing owned, only redistributed cynically,,
 The rise will come independent,
carrying courage and freedom proudly,
with wisdoms' weapon in hand,
knowledge in the other soundly,
honor reclaimed by the sentient,,
 Independent declarations germinating from seed,
feared by any despotive regime,
worriors in freedom stand tall,
progressives angered at the seams,
renewing freedoms that will breed,,