Looking for the sunshine contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

I counted up to 50
with eyes closed very tight.
Was my turn to be ”on”
my turn to find the light

I looked under the garden hedge
Nothing interesting was there.
Except a sleepy hedgehog
Who looked at me and stared

I looked in the garden pond
watched the bugs scramble about
The water skaters strutting their stuff
Where is it hiding I can’t find out …

I spotted a yellow balloon
Thought wow I have found it now.
But it popped when near a rose,
Knew it wasn’t that somehow.

What am I looking for?
You might ask, it’s warm and fine
The answers very clear
find me the sunshine

To warm the flowers in their beds,
So nodding colours will awake
To brighten up our lives and
dance to the hippy hippy shake

At last I got out my easel
large paintbrush at the ready
Painted in a sun at full shine
Here it comes, ready, steady

The colour lightens up the sky
Making one feel warm inside.
Start to sing, to waken the birds
Welcoming the incoming tide

I look at the sea looking so azure
Nature to enjoy for free .
Doesn’t matter if rich or poor
It is there, for you and me