Battle Field

Written by: Tessa Heyart

I stand tall
Facing the sun
Waiting for battle 
That none of us shall return
We have been out brained
Out brawned
And much to our dismay
We must face our opponents 
With dignity and grace
I stand in front of my loyal army
And look across the lush green field
I see the men and women just as loyal to their own
All in amour and prepared to die
We must start a battle 
We are all destined to lose
Charge! I scream and lurch forward with my sword in hand
The other side mirrors
We collide
I raise my sword
And heads fall as my hands do
I take the lives of hundreds
And I just might win
I look around
My army failing
Falling to the ground as bloods drips onto the once green grass
One of my men falls beside me
Too late for me to save
He whispers to me
What were we fighting for?
I take a step back 
Wondering the same myself
And a sword stabs through my chest
I look down
And for a brief moment
The fight means nothing
The world has no noise
I cannot feel a thing
And as I fall to the ground 
Looking at my remaining army
And wondered
What was I fighting for?