two of me

Written by: Matt corvus

smooth soft flesh
and eyes so clear
threw out these years
you've changed
rugged tattored skin
tears fall fast
he said i will never let you down

i lied to you
and i lied to myself

but know my subconsious
and the other me lead me to belive
that i could set you free
i am a liar
i have regrets
but but i can never forget

i walk one way
i look the other
i rip myself in half
who am i?
who are you?
****ing make up your mind
before he says otherwise
heart torn in two
but there both just for you?
what do i say what do i do?
i guess with regrets you need to forget?

for there is two of me!
for there is two of me!
which side do you see
but your heart resides in me!