Beauty is crying

Written by: João Camilo

Beauty was crying by the roadside,
I halted and lowered my load
joining all sitting by her side.
“Why are you crying, Beauty?
I forgot how to smile, please do,
So I can smile too, oh, Beauty?”
Yet, she didn’t raise her face
Nor the tears ceased to fall,
risking dust with a wet trace:
“Tell me what those tears mean,
I forgot how to dream, please do,
Dream so I can have a new dream?”
She still cried and refused to talk,
I felt something was begotten
as I stood and continued to walk.
Then I looked under a rainbow,
And found you copying the stars,
Fingertips sprinkled by their glow.
Tears started to fall, tears of glee
And I also lowered my head to cry:
Beauty like you is so rare to see…