I am Inspired

Written by: Julie Alcin

You see the flowers and the bees
You see the birds; you see the trees 
You see the sky, you see the sea
But you might not see the world like me
I see the world between the lines
 I feel emotions as if their mines
I see the wrongs, I see the rights
I see another reason I could write
I get inspired by a voice; I get inspired by a view
I see the lies that flow through me; I see the truth inside of you
I see the fairytales deep within
And get some chills under my skin
I see the darkness and the cold
I see the diamonds and the gold
I see my loved ones with hearts so kind
And it all stimulates my mind
I feel the mood of therapy
Whenever I start poetry
I write just so you could know
All the things I fear to show
I’m inspired by the world and everything I see
I’m inspired by you and the pain within me