Written by: daver austin


He knew he shouldn’t
The knife was right by the door
In the Woolworth store

His inner voice warned
“If you’re caught you’ll go to jail”
The thought made him pale

But he’d ne’er been caught
The knife just a pocket one
(Pocket it for fun)

Quick thought was careless
And he grabbed the little knife
Gulped – ran for dear life!

Out the Woolworth door
(Army of cops in pursuit
Store lady to boot)

And he ran and ran -
First time for childhood danger,
And nothing stranger

Every passerby a foe
Mother and home far away
Such an awful day!

A hot summer day,
The sidewalk cracks flashing by,
Tear drops in his eyes,

This breathless, cold sweat.
Ran till he could run no more
From that Woolworth store

Collapsed on a bench -
If he was caught, then, so what?
Made him think a lot

(Oh boy! That was close)
(Never would he steal again)
(“Thank you, God – Amen)

*Kind of Senryush.