They are ALL my Children Part II

Written by: Eileen Manassian

(Please do not read this poem if you have not read Part I posted below this poem on my page, for this is a continuation)

But I have a child…born of divine nature
As though through Immaculate Conception
He is my little God Man
Always peaceful
Serenity is in his smile
Compassion in his touch
Purity in his eyes
He remains unmoved by the chaos around him 
For he knows 
The tranquil state of his heart
He calms his brothers and sisters
Pointing them above
And in his very presence
Is the atmosphere of heaven

They are ALL my little children
A living part of me
How can I banish any of them?
Some are rejected
Some are applauded
Others are scorned and derided
Still others are abused
My heart weeps for my children
My heart guards my children
For though they may never be fully loved
I have given birth to them
And I send them out into the world  
So others may see
The heart of the mother
Of Poetry!

Eileen Manassian Ghali