Let Us Go To The Haunted Hollow

Written by: Dylan Wong

Let Us Go To The Haunted 

His feet slide across the leaves
Rustle. His eyes are teary
They glint white under the 
night sun
His body is tired, mind weary
As he trudges. Left foot right 
Down an honour guard of eaves

Puddled wet paint stains his 
Litter wrecks his shiny shoes
This path is a familiar foe
Not if he had had to choose
His hands come up to bat the 
leaves away

A grated gate looms
It's pushed aside

He walks too quickly to be 
So come, let us go to the 
haunted hollow
That is where his being will be

And there you KNOW, you just 
That he's there with the kids
Tom and Doreen with the 
strangest glow
They play with ladybugs and 
Feeding them the fallen leaves
That cover up the undergrowth

He looks up and she's there
A rustling in the leaves
Running from tree to tree
He chases after her
But the ghost, she's gone

I wish you wish we wish
But there's nothing to be seen
Like the wavefront of a breeze
Piercing into his dream

He curls up on the roots and 
He cries himself into a sleep
So come, let's go into his 

The sun warms the silky beach
The buckets and spades are in 
the car
His wife stays with him, in his 
The kids know not to stray too 
A perfect place, a perfect day

Far away from the haunted 
Too far for the ghosts to follow
So they float among the leaves