A Mystical Place

Written by: Terry Burns

Frolicking through the woods pale light, elves do sing and fairies delight.
Searching for a hidden place, where pixies sing and children race.
Do beware the wicked trolls, who guard the bridge and steal your gold.
Cross the bridge and you shall find, the hidden gates once lost in time.
Read the runes in elven tongue, and the gates will open to a world still young.
Once inside you shall see, a mystical place that still remains free.
Enchanted queens with beautiful faces, who dance with grace in firm embraces.
Leprechauns count their pots of gold as wizards spin their tales of old.
Do not venture beyond this place, or goblins and orcs shall scar your face.
Winged dragons above they soar, breathing fire and loud they roar.
Venture not into the night, for banshees scream and cause you fright.
Witches mix their evil brews, and werewolves hunt in bloody broods.
So stay within the gated realm, where pleasures are many and beauty abounds.