My Other Half

Written by: Tuisha Sircar

Right now, Somewhere, You’re flying in this vast blue space, the same sky under which I sit here miles and miles away from you.

I close my eyes, and let the cold breeze caress my face. Its impalpable touch I imagine to be the coldness of your palm, and I feel a chill run down my spine as the coolness descends over me.

I look upward and into the blackness I peep, nothing I see except a hollow space. Wonder how deep it might be… Is there any end to it?

Somehow, the dark doesn’t scare me today because in my head I see your face. I remember that you’re there to be my savior with the vows taken for eternity.

Those hazel brown eyes when falls upon me, I feel a blaze in my chest and the butterflies start fluttering in my tummy.

I lower my eyes and avert my gaze. I feel the heat that evokes underneath my skin, rising up to my chest then neck and then to my face.

Where it subtly settles on my cheek, painting it red, displaying the state of my heart that throbs so hard against my chest. It might as well come out of it. 

I collect myself and slowly lift my face, gather courage to look straight into your eyes. Then I see something I’ve never seen before, that I cannot explain otherwise.

Numbness dawns upon me and I cannot move myself, I am held frozen at one place, all I see is a reflection of my own in your eyes.

The color of your eyes seems to get shallower with every second, and I cross over to a realm that was yet unknown to me. I get a glimpse inside your soul, I get enchanted and the contentment feels good to be.

(It’s amazing how a prince, by chance was passing by my kingdom. When he felt the need to stop by, then he entered and wandered around, coming across me.

He looked at me with utter astonishment and then asked in a voice so firm and deep, ‘to be his forever’, to which on my ears I couldn’t believe.

I felt the luckiest on earth, because he was one of a kind. I had heard about his bravery and kindness and how caring he was. Everything felt like a dream because, he was a rare pearl found in the vast ocean…)