What is beauty

Written by: Wade Appelgryn

A smile so beautiful it knocks the life out of you, 
Leaving you all dazed up, 
Like Mike Tyson punching you with a right hook, 
You faint from the incredible beauty.

Brown eye's so gorgeous they pierce straight through my dark heart,
Making all this hatred I once had and turn it into joy,
Eyes that save you from death, 
You just look straight into them and you know she isn't Medusa,
You turn me into light and not stone.

Her hair is so radiant,
Smooth isn't the texture,
Because that is perfection,
The smell, the feel and the look,
Makes you believe that God blessed her with hair from angels.

You are the definition of beauty but there's way more to you than physical beauty, 
You got incredible beauty from the inside, 
A pure soul, 
A loving woman, 
A strong person, 
A stubborn attitude, 
And a brave heart.
Your inner beauty shines out of you for the world to see physically.