Written by: Mash Mulla


Your country was fruitful and successful,
You brought up vibrant kids and improved the lives of her subject,
She was the role model for others to follow,
Now she gives birth to the desperate and the weak,
Today she stands in ruins,

Dilapidated building,
Broken houses,
Broken families,
Dusty roads,
Her economy suffers like the typhoid epidemic,
She gives birth to orphans who weep and cry just to have their families back.

Raped at gun point,
Forced to see their children die,
Mr. President!!!

What transpired? What triggered all this?
Mr. President
You exploded like a time bomb,
To change the history and stir your country into civil war,
From its paradise to its hell,
The role model of Africa now  a cursed country,
Your citizens desert you like an epidemic,

It’s been left helpless like a ghost town,
Watch it fall like a ghost town,
She was once a country of hope,
She was once the future of Africa,
Africa’s pride and joy.