A child in the street

Written by: Mona Elmonier

A child in the street

He is walking in the dark,alone

no home,no family

Very thin,very dirty

You can see his bones

No one likes him

Every one scorns him

At every street...

He meets a frightful one

A horrible one

Always ,frightened

In his light sleep,

He must be careful,

There is always ,some one ambuscading,

Forcing him 

To do every bad things,

He has been beaten,

With no Mercy,

Any one can see scorch in his little body

O`poor child,

What did you do,

To deserve such an ugly life,

No thing.....

Every day ,you are setting alone

In The dark and cold nights,

Shaking,scared and hungry.......

No one,sees you

No one,remembers you,

No one,can feel you pains,

No one, can see the spiteful look in your face.

To the passing people beside you,

Ignoring you,

But,I can see your disinclination,spite and anger

your intention ....

To revenge........