C'est La Vie

Written by: Red OMara

Oh, to be a bard who got well paid
for poems writ whilst wearing suede
and drinking lots ‘n' lots of claret, 
in my well-appointed Paris garret

My publisher would love me true, 
and pay my rent, when overdue, 
so I wouldn't sleep on Montmartre streets
and get under decent people's feets

I'd get well drunk and laid a lot, 
(I heard poets do, more oft than not) 
and choose, with numbers from a jar, 
mam'selles to coucher with each soir.

Les dames Francaises would think me clever
‘cause root and boot are words I'd never
correlate. But sometimes Paris Bourse, 
I'd rhyme with sexual intercourse.
And what if, for every verse I penned, 
I got a hot brand-new best friend? 
I wonder how long could I last, 
in a life I led that blazing fast? 

My real life's, in truth, synonymous
with being next best to anonymous, 
but it could be a whole lot worse, 
had I to catch an early hearse.