Reflections of love Contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

I was all of six years old
He was a big boy of 12
I adored him

Showed me how to use a fishing rod
He was my little tin god
I worshipped him

In my teenager years he spoke of love
Wasn’t me he was talking about
I loved him

As we got older the age difference grew less
Looked at me with interest, not just a pest
Can see me at last

Asks me out on a date, first of many
Had a fantastic time, love grows a plenty
Togetherness wow

On our wedding day, both nervous but pleased
From the age of just 6 was all I had dreamed
In love .with love.

The wardrobe mirror reflects every move and more
From tumbled love making , to sleep and snore
Still love him

Parents now, one of each
Teaching them to wait for what’s out of reach
We adore them

Contest : reflections of love