Written by: Susan Clark

Sometimes I just want to curl up in a blanket, in a safe place underneath the stars, perhaps in a crevice up against a giant mountain.  Perhaps upon a nice long, flat boulder.
A nice soft pillow beneath as it gently supports my head.
Up near this mountain my place seems so small, but I get overwhelmed when I stray too far from where I consider a safe place in my world.
There are times though that I put my hands upon the slabs of rock and dirt that holds this mountain together and rub feeling as this mixture runs softly through my fingers.  I enjoy the feel of even the cooler patches of clay under the edge of the different sized rocks which have their own small areas of shade.
Sometimes from where I sit or lay, I look up at the top of the mountain and know that this is where  I'll stay even when I go.
I sometimes walk to the side of where I am to see what I can of the world out there; and I take a step to explore everything, perhaps just a little at a time because when I get too far away from the base then I don't always know which way to go, so many things bombard my senses.   That perhaps if I stray too far I won't be able to find my way back.
But when I look for my comfort I always see my strong man there by my side and as the fear slowly subsides, I become free to enjoy the bigger world outside my comfort zone.
Because as long as I'm with Him, look to Him, for Him, He is always there no matter where I am, where I go.
I am always home whether I am earth bound or travel by air through the ever expanding universes exploring everything made.
I become more solid, more sure, more free there, wherever there happens to be.