Written by: Mash Mulla

She’s that lady, who fills the house with love,
She that lady, whose presence is felt,
The mother of my beloved Nikita
Nothing will ever bring us apart and I will always be at her side,
If worst comes to worst I would fight for her even if it was the last day on earth
The reason I stand tall and walk with her majestically to my pals,
She’s like a gold coin that never fades,
Always giving to others what they need,
To those who have no home, no fire to warm them in the cold dark days,
Her beauty comes from all dimensions like a visible shining pillar,
A pillar she stands tall for those she loves and cares for,
She Speaks her mind what’s good and what’s bad, the first critic when work is done poorly
She fights for love and always gets what she wants,
She’s like a big dolphin that saves those that drawn in their own misery in this ocean of life.
I just hope Nikita turns out to be like her.