A Night of Dreams

Written by: Mike Roberts

A Night of Dreams

Will I ever know the joy of waking by your side,
refreshhed, revived from what we did the night before.
A meal with wine, conversation with cognac,
that smile, a touching of hands, a beginning,
the delicate prelude to a concerto of passion, then,
the crescendo prefacing the rousing final movement.

The storm before the lull, a return to a gentile caress
another glass of wine, a single cigarette, more conversation,
all leading to a reprise of the previous hour
before sleep demands to replace excitement.

Who would wake first to lay in silent thought,
or would excitement return,
a gentle arousal by word and deed,
a touching homage to each other,
the Symphony Orchestra replaced by Easy Listening,
listening to cries of delight as Nature takes its course,again.

As I lay alone I wonder, did your thoughts ever mirror mine?
What would that night have told us?
Sadly, what is in the mind remains in the mind,
the past cannot cannot be changed,
the inevitable becomes the present.

Each future will remain unknown to the other
and we will never know the joy of waking siide by side.