Written by: Seren Roberts

They walked like ghosts along the lane
Man, woman and child plus a dog as well
These ghostly figures nearly sent me insane
Where are they going I can’t tell

The dog suddenly realises that I am here
Turns his head to look, not a friendly face
Didn’t bark or show that I was this near
Then as suddenly they all just disappeared

Oh my this is spooky I thought to myself
Did I cause that apparition to appear
Was it my fear of walking in the dark
Wishing that someone else was here

I mentioned it to my folks when I got home
They looked at one another and said
That was the Jones family they were overcome
By fumes in their home, were asleep in their bed

The whole family perished was such a sad tale
Regularly they will meet you if worried about the dark
If you are very frightened, they will lighten the trail
Once the dog sees you, it’s the signal for them to depart

Once more I walk this lonely trail of life
Hearts cant be broken if you walk alone
Whoever said that deserves a life of strife
Making it sound that love is just a token