Battling Addiction

Written by: Richard D Seal

  Battling Addiction

Lead me from the dark
Where all is black and stark
Lift me from the hollow
Give me rules to follow

Somehow I have slid away
And I can’t recall the day
Memory now is hard to find
All my hours are unkind

Will you feel the knife that twists
In the place where I exist
Where the demons do abide
And I have no place to hide

Come and look into my depths
Where the devil in me steps
Where I know the monster lies
Come and listen to my cries

Where I run from place to place
From the things I cannot face
To the solace of my friend
Who will kill me in the end

Will you step into my mind
There a jungle you will find
Shredded is my common sense
By the pain that ne’er relents

Once the demon took a hold
He became a thousand fold
Come and feel the terror deep
But no pity on me heap

All I shout from here within
Is to let my steps begin
Solemn is this day I mark
Come and lead me from the dark

R D Seal  26 Feb 13