Soul Mates First Date

Written by: Quentin Ehlinger


Should I lurk or should I lure?
I really don't know for sure.
But at any rate I shan't be late,
For I do not wish to hesitate
To appear at your front door!

I will walk,
And not stalk
Along the way
Will not stray...
(Jump that chalk!)

For your face doth wait
On our very first date.
I surely would hate
To show up late
And miss my fate!


Now it's time to go,
Wouldn't you know?
I had a good time 
And like this rhyme
I did love it so!

But we need to kiss
And then must miss
Each other's face
Away from this place.
(I'll remember this!)

Yes, you can now bet
I'll never forget
How I so love you,
And you love me, too!
(And also how we met.)