Part of Who We Are

Written by: Connie Gildersleeve

Inexorable march of wrinkles can't stop,
Inching closer every day we do
It seems the elderly are them not us
There's no starting anew

A stubborn streak of faith some needs
Some may eat until their wrinkles out fill
Neurotic solutions brain creates,
Visions of Barbie doll some will

Fake boobs perk though butt droops still
Disgracefully aging some will play
Airbrushing out their lives and why?
We can't slow age or delay

Wrinkles antique smiles they are
It's part of who we are your age
A unique patina our wrinkles we have,
Don't diminish your worth so life engage

For Roy Jerden's contest, "To Yoda, An Ode"