Written by: Tamara Dunston

In silent tears, I cry to you Lord for immediate restoration
I am angry that I feel the desire to drop tears, over past hurts
that somehow crept back 
to create present pain.

Beneath my new found happiness
there is a hole,  full of dirt and debris
that clouds my way to function...

No room to move,
 I am forced to face it's discomfort.

Where do I go?
What do I do?
I wish to be rid of past hurts
I wish to embrace you.

Bless me Lord, as I desire  to cleanse my brokenness
Help me God to be a new me
that looks at her past, for the last

No more bound or shaken by it's disrespect
No more will I allow it to cripple me to tears of regrets.

Facing it for what it was, and more importantly
for what it was not.


I look at it never again 
instead I move forward

Now flowing, are new tears of Joy
I'm happy now
Thank you God for the lesson.