Battling Addiction

Written by: Annalise Brigham

No one knew his background, he did not speak of family 
Not even the one left, whom he felt was a burden
His younger sister with whom he’d been out of touch

Financially, he was doing alright, handsome and perfectly fit
Friends wondered why he wasn’t dating
When asked, he’d merely laugh it off

If they only knew the burden he bore, haunted by his crippling addiction
A demon that had seized his body now hungered for his soul
Making its lustful demands at will by day or night

At first he seemed to keep his secret well, appearing as, just one of the guys
While apart, he rode the subway daily
With eyes of a hunter he surveyed

A different girl he took each time, In his home or some dark street corner 
When he had no access to girls, alone, he’d easily play “solitaire”
Or browse the magazines and internet

Secrets like acorns take a while to grow, his were no different; just biding time
Til the day of discovery arrived unannounced
Hidden files on the office hard drive

Confronted, he walked away in shame, and some ray of light seared his mind
At home he bagged and trashed his toys
Especially his favorite, the laptop

Temptation came fiercer and with maddening force, toke him on a binge
That night he sank to the the lowest belly of the beast
Ignoring his sister’s desperate call for help 

When he'd  had his fill of a sordid, assortment of lust, a flicker of conscience emerged
Off he ran in the cold, pouring rain to find his sister there 
Alone, in the bath with her wrists cut; and precious life ebbing away

But mercy kept her alive and by her hospital bed he sat for three days!
Out in the parking lot as he left, beyond broken he fell to his knees 
And through his tears, he cried , “God have mercy!”

That’s how a man, bankrupt; without love or self worth gained a second chance
At a most pivotal time in his life; in need of redemption
The shackles of addiction laid broken in torrent rain
Inspired by the HBO movie, "Shame"