A thousand words

Written by: Joseph May

 As cold winds blew that stormy night
The dog kept howling at the moon
But the two kittens played with delight
They never went to sleep so soon

Snowflakes pirouetted with delicate grace
 As we kept warm by the fireplace
When  I glanced over by the rocking chair
I beheld the most beautiful sight, I do declare

Two kittens  snuggled  up next to their mom
 As they rested from their play 
With their mother's legs around them
 In purrfect peace they lay 
 And as they blissfully  slept
In their little heads sweet dreams crept
In love's embrace so warm they were kept

There are a thousand words a picture paints
Some of beauty and some quite quaint
 But even  angels smile in heaven above
When a picture paints a thousand words of love