Sins Not Confessed

Written by: Terry Burns

Falling down into a fiery pit, flames all around in the gathering mist. 
Deeper and deeper you continue to fall as though there is no bottom at all.
Suddenly below you see a fiery lake; you close your eyes awaiting your fate. 
The heat, it melts the skin from your bones as you scream in agony but you’re not alone.
There’s a sea of faces that comes from the depths weeping and gnashing of teeth for sins not 
Confessed. Demons, they laugh as they delight in your pain as you beg and you plead but it all is is in vain. The heat is unbearable as you struggle to breathe and satan he mocks you as you suffer your deeds. Please oh Lord you continue to call, but there’s no reply, no none at all. As your face starts to sink down into the depths you awake from your nightmare and your sins you confess.