Fire in the Blood

Written by: Richard D Seal

           Fire in the Blood

How we love your warming glow 
Yet know that we must fear you so
For you would set our hearts ablaze
With your subtle creeping ways

The warming glow the heart desires
Not roaring anger of your fires
Somewhere between we must control
For either side would steal our soul

First the flicker of your flame
Smoulders artery and vein
Finds the fibre to combust
Maybe love, more often lust 

How you make us volatile
When we meet deceptions smile
How your heat does dissipate
As your ashes cool to hate

Without you our blood runs cold
To hot, and angers hard to hold
But we love that place between
Hot passion and comfort serene

If only we could bring confines
Have you never cross those lines
But we love that which excites
And so accept the blood ignites

R D Seal 23 Feb 13