Written by: Marites Responte


    The unrehearsed prayer
    muttered by the heart
    that forms the words
    and the mouth
    that makes it heard

    The burning lightning strikes
    at a distant horizon
    sparks the deserted way
    Its neon glow shoots the stars up

    The howling wind kisses
    The snow draped meadows
    Where the butterfly pauses
    and listens..

    The sluggish dew gracefully slips
    along the ribs of a leaf
    stops at its tip, clinging
    tempting to drop

    The migrant bird perching
    the bare tree, searching
    for pair tweeting and singing

    The snowflakes tenderly fall
    along the weathered quay
    where waves are tamed and free

    The listless swaying
    of the pine leaves stirs
    the spiritless white morn
    in the snowy moor

    The wishing gush of the streams
    chants the tenderest lullaby amidst
    the most challenging trek and trail

    The brave moon in December
    gracefully shows up its splendor
    against the web of clouds
    and unabated mists

    The slumbers is perfected beneath
    the cozy comforter where sighs
    of weariness are forgotten
    in its heavenly hug..

    If silence is broken by my own chatter
    all alone I am left not appreciating
    the noiseless art and beauty that
    tap my noisy heart...