Rebirth of Joy within Me

Written by: Teddy Kimathi

For many nights in the rain,
   I have been in a flooded-drain,
           As I tried to forget my pain
                When I last saw your face

The skies were burning,
     And your eyes shining
       With love, which refused
         To die in my soul until now

My eyes refused to shed
     A tear, when storms led
        An army of silent death
           On our passionate path

My bones refused to break,
    When a sudden earthquake
      From nowhere shook my neck,
         As the storms snatched you away

It is your scarlet scarf, that
   Remained of you in the fast
     Winds, that were blowing across
        The plains leaving only huge loss

But today, seeing you again,
   My soul skips again like a salmon
      In the waterfalls at a sunny noon,
         As I embrace you with tears of joy