comin clean with jesus

Written by: andrew delapruch

comin’ clean with “jesus”

ever see the footage of Aileen
“comin’ clean with “jesus?”
when she was rambling about 
being “under the devil” &
passing through all the statistics
dealing with how rare a possibility
it would have been for her to 
get off death row?

do you think you’ll ever see one
of these catholic molesters/rapists
of little kids,
“come clean,” whether it be for their
fictional character called 
“jesus,” or whether they might just be
honest for once in their lives?

easier to condemn a woman who had been
raped by her own grandfather,
easier to condemn a woman whose life had 
been a train wreck of horror &
let the upstanding, “holy” men of the cloth,
continue to walk the earth.