watching joey fall

Written by: andrew delapruch

wish Hitch could’ve been alive 
to watch joey fall,
to see a “pope” of all the 
catholic little boy rapists,
dismiss himself from the
prior to taking any responsibility
for sitting back while 
all the lil’ catholic priests
go molesting about,
masturbating the boys who trusted
them &
scarring them in the name of the
it’s more important to the world of
believers, to overlook the man who
stood at the top, while molesting &
raping was going on,
it’s much more important to
allow joey the chance to live out the
rest of his years in a
“dignified existence,”
safe & secure
behind the walls of the vatican.

how much more needs to come out
before the catholics of this world begin
to realize that had there not been a 
certain fairytale concocted years ago
about a certain fictional character,
then these pedophiliacs who parade around 
in their little costumes,
would be in ****ing jail for life,
where they belong,
as opposed to wiping their hands off after
jerking a little boy & then
passing out the “communion” wafers?