Written by: orlandus nance

As I focus on the task at hand
Go through these trials and tribulations to help me 
The purpose that I serve in life is something much 
Then just looking at this life as just an open door
Knowing that what I've been through was not in vain
Taking the good with the bad accepting all pain
Using every consequence as a stepping stone
Put my faith in god cause man will steer you 
So I follow no one do my own thang
Ask no one for not a thang and get my own 
Forever asking god to help me see my destiny
Help me move closer to the spot u feel I need to 
And give me peace in these trying times
But it seems like everytime I get a piece
They want a piece of mine
So in my mind I'm thinking of ways 2 keep my 
mind at ease
Focus on getting mo paper cause being broke ain't 
4 me
It ain't in my pedigree no way no how
Don't get my hopes up for nothing
Cause when I do then I get let down 
So I take it all for what it's worth
A small thing to a giant as I roam this earth