When Mrs Veil comes to the Back door

Written by: Catherine Tunke

It always seems to be raining when she visits.
My Persian cats Esmerelda and  Fifi become a 
little more agitated then usual.
They know I may well forget to feed them.
The dogs down the street seem to change their howl.
It sounds like “warroull” rather than their usual barking.
It seems that Nature knows and I welcome her empathy.

Soon there is the soft tapping tapping tapping at the back door,
It is a dark beautifully dressed woman.
She is dressed completely in black.
He face is covered with a black veil. It is impossible
to make out her features.
I call her Mrs Veil and I know why she has come.
Even though it is raining she beckons me to walk with her.
It is a walk void of time and I never quite know where 
she will take me.
All I know is that she will return and my Sun will go away for a while.

Perhaps one day I will hear the tapping and I will summon 
Gentle Jesus himself down from the Cross and we will
face Mrs Veil together and I will not leave the house.