Blinded By Love

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Blinded By Love

Couldn’t see beyond the sparkle in your eyes
Your coldness that stood there in deep disguise
Couldn’t believe what everyone kept telling me
Only trusted in your superficial lies full of deceit 

Couldn’t read between the sweet words you would express
I was captured by your spell and blinded by love
I tried to convince myself that loving you was causing me so much distress
The way you turned my dreams of you into where nightmares were made of

Couldn’t see your true reflection no matter how much I tried
The mirror before you showed what I wanted to see
But you weren’t real, you lied
I found myself caught in a role inside my darkest fantasy

Blinded by love is so easy to do
When your heart and soul can’t seem to connect
One thing is for sure when their true colors finally show through
Your heart will become much guarded towards someone next

Just a made up poem