Written by: Elly Wouterse

longest highest lake suspended between mountains honors it name after thick morning mist disappears in light of a hill climbing sun forestall hillsides mirror in shorelines blue skies and white clouds color water one lonely little white bike-boat floats slowly with a tiny biker towards horizons of morning mist and mountain's corner behind the opaque concrete bridge connecting long-stretched little villages of few widely spread houses farms and some hotels the sounds of awakening worlds tell what time it is somewhere cowbells echo church-bells ring a car drives unseen a moped crosses the bridge a tractor engine starts two ducks slow down and land on the lake the white bike-boat returns to its wooden boathouse a little girl shows up just in time for breakfast in the posh Hotel "zür Post" and her transient life dictated by rules, regulations and obligations tomorrow she'll know how to find the key to her white bike-boat one more silent early rise a cherished ticket to her own world behind mountain's corner this year's last bike-ride will show more miracles and messages of her white lake ©Ellie Daphne Note: based on a German poetical entry and a little 'Kodak' black and white picture in my diary during a holiday in Austria @ Weissensee July 1971