Space: The Starry Heaven

Written by: manek kohli

We live in a lonely universe. Observe earth from space and it is simply a vibrant celestial body, in miles and miles of emptiness. This poem emphasizes on the power of our imagination, in breathing life into this very nothingness.

Nebula's and galaxy's a plenty,
all perfectly align,
with such rhythmic precision,
and bow to the starry heaven.

they are perfectly radiant dreams,
of such gargantuan proportions,
of such admirable dispositions,
they gleam, they shine, they meet.

Such desirous temperaments,
never even try to swim,
in an ocean of a hundred universes,
but from where I stand, they do.

a million vantage points,
on a thousand scattered planets,
if such is the case than why,
am I not omnipresent?

Perhaps I am, from where I stand,
under this starless heaven,
eternal, horizon-less,
this lovely imagination.