It Came On Frigid Winds

Written by: Tracie Edwards

~*~ Cautiously I tread down a path paved of nightmares Dark trees with gnarled branches Marked with loneliness Stained with loss Misery hangs in the air Despair trails down imaginary forest walls Walls from which cries for help seep Bottomless crevices of broken dreams Abraded emotions Poisoned souls Frightening images paralyze Petrified eternally, mentally, physically Sounds of crushed aspirations whisper like an evil cry Hopes and dreams turn to dust,desecrated Envy runs as thick as poison Eating away at logic Sensibility all but gone Drowning in abhorrent past Still haunting traversly hanging overhead No sign of depreciation in sight Decayed by wear and tear Frayed edges barely hanging on Shadows of raven colored streaks reach out Wanting to strip all promises Silent prayers to the heavens in protest and anguish Screams that resemble wounded animal Howls of suffering rise through frigid winds Plaguing anticipation as you echo into the night Heart beating wildly pounding like a fist Screaming through leaves Awaiting reply Answered by silence... Feeling your cold, dead eyes Following me, do I run? can I hide? Like a disease slowly it begins to decompose Rotting like wood aged over time Till its all but gone... ~*~
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